Harvest Update: 7 million lbs. of high grade Hemp biomass coming this season!!

We are so amped for this season's harvest between the conglomeration of our consulting company Loco Farms, Mile High Magic, High Grade Hemp Seed Inc & our beloved local partners. We have close to 7 million pounds of 100% organically locally grown CBD biomass for sale this season! That's over 500+ acres of purely blessed (planted with love) Industrial & CBD hemp. Half of that harvest has been spoken for which leaves around 3.5 millions lbs. up for grabs! (while supplies last).

Why buy another brand of hemp CBD oil, hurd, or fibers when you could know exactly where your hemp is locally sourced and grown. All of our Hemp is 100% certified organic grown right here in good ole' Colorado, U.S.A. It's not shipped overseas or possibly contaminated with toxins from bad soil or pollution in the air (such as China & other European/ Asian countries).

You can even know how and where its bottled and what the product actually contains. Here at CHP we take pride in our transparency from seed to harvest and quality of genetics in the seeds that we plant. The difference between other CBD & hemp brands vs. Colorado Hemp Project is our brand name that you can believe in and trust for maximum strength health benefits and quality. Our high grade Hemp extract Oils, seeds, hurd, feed & fibers are all produced using the entire plant. Which means nothing goes to waste. All bi products of the majestic plant are extracted using all natural extraction methods and techniques such as C02 extraction instead of other toxic solvents such as ethanol or butane.

With a large majority of the our Gross domestic products here in the U.S.A. being imported from overseas. Take pride in the quality that you put in your body, feed your animals, or even build with and support American grown Hemp. With that being said we also here at Colorado Hemp Project believe the resurrection of American Industrial Hemp is a mission NOT a competition. It's one of most important fundamental core values we live by. 5 years ago we were this nations FIRST legal harvester of Hemp. Now we are partnering up with farmers all across the board and abroad helping to educate & consult farmers on the standards of care & development of Industrial Hemp & CBD.