Hemp being used for construction in 2022 Olympics (Beijing)

Canadian hemp is speeding onto the world stage after a Calgary, Alberta-based processor was tapped to provide Hemp fibers to help construct a track for the Winter Olympics in Beijing. This historic deal would be the first time that hemp construction components will be used in a modern Olympics.

Canadian Greenfield Technologies will send 60,000 to 120,000lbs of its NForce- Hemp Fibers to China for use by another company building the track for bobsled, luge and skeleton races. The fibers are already being used in place of plastic fibers for outdoor construction projects that use sprayed concrete commonly called shotcrete. Shotcrete is commonly used & sprayed in outdoor pools and skate parks. The Hemp fibers are being used to strengthen the shotcrete to prevent cracks from occuring. All The hemp fibers will coming from three Alberta Hemp farms in Canada.