Is there anything Hempcrete can't do?

Dating  back throughout human history Hempcrete has been an ancient recipe for civilizations all around the world such as the ancient Romans & Japanese.  It has even contributed to some of the strongest oldness structures to date.  The combination of Hemp shiv and a lime based water makes it one of the most simplest, durable, and Eco-friendly sustainable building materials...Ever.   The benefits of using Hempcrete continues to grow and vastly remerging once again as one of Constructions most sustainable material.  Construction sites all across Europe& Asia have been using Hempcreate for restoration of cob construction sites and real communities.  Some of the CORE benefits of using Hemcrete are it's highly durable, weather resistant, pest, insect, rat, termite, mold & mildew resistant material.  It can also due a exceptional job at temperature control & regulation which can save a home & business owner thousands of dollars a year on AC and heating.  It's ability to maintain insulated temperatures for high & low climates allows you to use less energy heating or cooling your house.  For a construction company the production and use of Hempcrete would be extremely low maintenance, cost effective and ethical.  It's a great healthy alternative that's environmentally friendly and uses less petrochemicals.  Hempcrete can also help reduce carton dioxide emissions.  Because of it's high cellulose levels,  Hempcrete actually "puts away" carbon.   

Amazingly enough Hemecrete is also earthquake & wind resistant!!! Hempcrete can be a sustainable solution for areas and community hit by hurricane winds, fires and can help save lives during an earthquake disaster helping to maintain a buildings or skyscraper's structural integrity.  Resurrecting the industrial use of Hempcrete can give us Americans and the rest of the world some redemption for the unethical and polluting practices we have been using for hundreds of years and should be fully integrated and utilized in today's society.  This simple effective building material is one of our ancestors greatest tools and constructional knowledge and would be non logical for us to shun it away.  More importantly Hempcrete has the potential to change our world for years to come in a positive way.  


Benefits of a Hemp Home:

  • High thermal insulation
  • 50% – 80% energy savings
  • Termite resistant
  • Breathable walls
  • Design flexibility
  • Prevents mould
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Negative carbon footprint
  • Healthy living environment
  • Inherently Airtight
  • High acoustic performance
  • No waste
  • No Dry Rot
  • Low Air Infiltration