Research shows CBD can improve your sex life.

Many men are now using CBD oil's to help prevent the embarrassing Erectile Dysfunction and other mental issues that result in a poor sex life.  Research has shown that couples in his/her twenties & thirties have not experienced decent sex in more than a year.  Luckily CBD oil is here to change that.  One common problem that couples share is that they get stuck in their own heads during sex.  Remaining aware of your surroundings instead of focusing at the sex at hand.  Men, especially fail to perform when under levels of stress & anxiety.  CBD has anxiolytic effects on the body which results to one feeling more relaxed and focused.  Many guys are now using CBD oil to help alleviate and prevent erectile dysfunction as well as boosting their sexual endurance.  Not only can it help with performance, for men it is WAY healthier and safe then taking Viagra and other pharmaceuticals drugs which could result in heart failure or even heart attack.   Ladies you can thank Mary Jane later.  

For women the benefits are starting to come in.  Most women who have tested high quality CBD lube admit that it makes them even wetter than normal "downstairs" which is always an added bonus.  Along with the pain relieving anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain of penetration.  Once the CBD is introduced to pain in the body, one can comfortably engage in sexual activities with their partner without feeling stressed.  CBD can also enhance hormone production which can help mediate impotence & infertility.  Ladies CBD won't give your man the scary side effects of Viagra such as nose bleeds, 4 hour erections and even death. CBD is an all natural highway for love & communication.  Communication is one of the most common problems in the bedroom for adults.  Men & women on CBD become more expressive than before and become focused on the activity at hand which is contrary to alcohol and even sometimes THC.   Instead of couples triggering insecurities and nervousness, CBD  can help promote an awareness and strenghten your spiritual communication with your partner for a sexual celebration you both will never forget.