Purple Mesa Feminized Seeds
Purple Mesa Feminized Seeds

Purple Mesa Feminized Seeds

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Breeding Pure Excellence

Purple Mesa seeds is known for not only the quality yield produced by our strains, but even more so the consistency of their harvest when cultivated properly.  Our genetics have been thoroughly refined so that we can offer high CBD content with low THC, making them ideal for creating high quality CBD medicinal products. All varieties are proprietary. 

Our Genetics  


14-17% CBD,  Under .3 THC.
Expect deep blended fruit notes, like raspberry, strawberry and goji berry.
7-8 week life cycle.

Purple Mesa

13-19%, .3 THC.
Expect a beautiful deep grape jam and grape candy notes.
8-9 week life cycle.

Purple Sunset

15-20%CBD, .3-.6 THC.
A personal favorite, Grape Candy and deep crushed grape floral notes.
7-9 week life cycle.

Cherry Bomb

12-13% CBD, under .3THC.
Expect heavy cherry pie notes.
6-8 Week life cycle.

We have new varieties being breed now and will have new varieties next season.