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Colorado Hemp Project is an organic hemp farm consulting agency that works with local farmers and municipalities across the globe to bring hemp cultivars and resources to the communities that need it the most with sole intention of healing the planet by accelerating the establishment of local, sustainable hemp farms and companies everywhere!  

Hemp is an unparalleled agricultural commodity with a diverse array of lucrative  industrial applications in addition to its full spectrum nutritional and therapeutic properties. Now, for the first time in over 50 years, Industrial Hemp Cultivation is legal in several states and provinces. We intend to provide stable hemp seed and resources to areas that legalize hemp so families everywhere can experience the economic and environmental benefits of industrial hemp cultivation.



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We’ve acquired and developed a bona fide line of industrial hemp and CBD-rich hemp strains.

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From land acquisition to registering your legal hemp farm, we have extensive experience in navigating hemp farm start-up and legislation.

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We’ve spent years cultivating relationships with large buyers to ensure that when you plant a farm that you have a reputable buyer to sell the product to!

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We partner with universities, agricultural departments and regenerative permaculture agencies to accelerate and legitimize the research and development arms of the legal hemp industry.

Sustainable agriculture is our passion and our founding team is comprised of multiple generations of successful commercial farmers who understand the importance of taking care of the earth. 

Hundreds of local companies have been forced to import hemp seed from Canada and China until now. We focus on helping communities localize industrial hemp production to cut down on global pollution.