Casey Brooks

Master Grower, Farm Operations


Born and raised in Boulder County Colorado, Casey Brooks has been involved in the cannabis industry for over a decade. Brooks has helped countless ailing individuals with cannabis and will continue to do so. This is what drives him, along with being able to "save the world with hemp" as he states. During his free time, Brooks enjoys exploring the great outdoors and promoting/spreading sustainability worldwide.


In 2009, Brooks was one of the first medical marijuana dispensary owners in Longmont, Colorado. There he helped build the business "Blueberry Twist", into one of the highest yielding and net worth shops in Boulder County at that time. With an ongoing demand for trim personnel and trim equipment, Brooks in 2010 set up "Colorado Custom Cuts". Here he provided trimming services and equipment for sale to countless dispensaries and caregivers alike. Brooks also owns and operates a consulting business, "Cannabis Creations". This company helps people and businesses set up to be involved in the cannabis and hemp industries. From room design, branding, point of sales, genetics, employment fulfillment etc. Cannabis Creations has helped multiple businesses and growers nation wide. Brooks is currently consulting on projects in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, and Jamaica. Prior to his full time involvement in the cannabis industry, Brooks ran and operated a concrete company with his brothers. Here they specialized in commercial and residential foundations and flatwork. They also owned and operated a concrete pump truck business. It was here, his desire for hemp and concrete came hand in hand. In 2015, Brooks was brought on by Natures Root and Colorado Hemp Project as an investor and partner. Natures Root is the world's first hemp spa and hemp body care products store out of Longmont, Colorado. Colorado Hemp Project is one of the premier hemp companies in the world."CHP" had the first legal hemp harvest in 2013 for the state of Colorado.


Brooks is knees deep in the industry and won't be stopping any time toon. Brooks plans to incorporate his knowledge concrete and building with more sustainable resources such as hemp! Brooks has helped design and build hempcrete cabins and hempcrete countertops. Ontop of continuing his passion with growing plants and getting seed all over the world, Brooks hopes to help build hempcrete villages worldwide over the next few decades.