Dani Billings

President, Co-founder


Dani Billings is the co-founder and one of the driving creative forces behind the Colorado Hemp Project. Dani is well known in the Colorado medical cannabis community as one of the top female cannabis entrepreneurs. As a natural networker who is passionate about the use of industrial hemp in all of its applications, Dani has constructed a world-class team of experts to bring this project into existence.


Dani has been involved in the legal cannabis industry since it started here in Colorado back in 2008. She started her professional career in cannabis edibles. Dani and her mom started an all-organic edible company, Tastee Yummees, which she sold off the recipes to Cheeba Chews in 2012 after being burnt out on the Medical Marijuana Industry. She wanted to continue to help so, Dani went to school in 2012 to receive certification in massage and esthetics and opened the first ever Nature's Root Hemp Spa in Longmont, CO. Creating the first ever hemp based spa on earth! Dani spends her time educating government and schooling systems to create programs for their area that are all based off of hemp. She has made a name for herself in panel discussions, educational convention presentations and speeches all over the world on sustainabilty and the benefits hemp has on our earth, society and bodies. Dani has been involved in getting many states and country hemp licenses approved. Jamaica and Hawaii being the most recent. Visit Nature's Root!


Dani is currently partnering with some big players in the business world with creating strategic partnerships for farming and creating markets driven by hemp based products. She has created a line of homeopathic cannabis treatments, as well as developing new and innovative ways to medicate. She uses the CBD oil generated from Colorado Hemp Project to continue to create a new lines of edibles and concentrates for the states of Colorado and other states she white labels products for. In addition, she is currently participating in several interviews and documentaries about what she is doing for the cannabis movement.